High Moon

Palo Santo Incense

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High Moon source their products from small fair-trade artisans in Peru who are experienced in producing fine products. All producers are certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru (SERFOR) who grant licenses, educate communities, facilitate research and implement the Program for Sustainable, Inclusive and Competitive Forest Development in the Peruvian Amazon.

Enjoy Palo Santo like you have never before, High Moon take us through the deep relationship humans have with nature through ancient spiritual practices and new-age science. Each product focuses on ingredients from our earth that have spiritual significance known to heal the mind and soul.

This incense contains 12 incense sticks with an extra long burn time of 1.5 hours per stick. Ethically harvested and hand rolled in Peru.

With every High Moon product sold they will plant a tree in the native forests Palo Santo is native, replacing much more than they take. They believe we can become part of the regeneration project and provide sustainable livelihoods to the local people on the lands that this tree is grown.

  • 12 incense sticks
  • Hand rolled
  • Ethically sourced
  • 1.5 hour burn time per stick