The Busted Gentleman

Hera Candle

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'The Busted Gentleman' candle series takes its inspiration from the weathered and sometimes broken remains of what has survived the intervening centuries, from that time and place to present. It's precisely the imperfections inflicted by the violence of time on those once carefully crafted artifacts where we often appreciate the greatest of beauty, awed by that juxtaposition of purposeful design by hand coupled with randomness of ruin, perhaps seeing it as an allegory for our own lives and times.

Solemn and stately, Hera, as represented here in soy-wax, appears as the crowned matronly queen of the gods known from Greek mythology. Often portrayed as the scorned wife of Zeus, she is a powerful deity in her own right holding dominion over women, marriage, childbirth, and the family. Feared and worshipped her cult centres were once spread throughout the Greco-roman world with supplicants imploring the goddess for her protection or terrifying vengeance on their enemies. Emulating the now shattered centre-pieces of these ruined places of pilgrimage, here we see the steely impassive gaze which would once have greeted the goddess’s devotees cast in cool white wax. A powerful feature piece to be placed in a commanding position, ‘Hera’ represents the archetypal powerful female figure of antiquity.

Hand-poured in Melbourne, Australia.

(Not recommended for burning)

Made of Soy wax 

Dimensions: 17 cm High / 11cm Wide

*Please note as these are hand-poured slight imperfections do occur*