Eun Ceramics

Femme 4 Medium Satin

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Jessica Choi is a Melbourne based ceramicist and owner of Eun Ceramics. Pairing contemporary forms with earthy textures of clay and glaze, Jessica strives to create functional art objects designed with urban living in mind. She strongly believes the beauty of handmade ceramics comes when you look closely at a piece and discover all the faint marks left by the maker, adding depth and allowing each piece to tell its story. She hopes to bring a piece of her story into your space where you can pause for a moment to share in connection.

Sculptural vase in stone white satin finish. Designed to be admired as a decorative object on its own or with flowers.

Irregular (*Due to the handmade nature of the product, each piece is one of a kind and small variations in sizes and shapes will occur)

Dimensions: 14cm High / 14cm Wide